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It's okay, the white noise and fuzzy black and grey screen (that always reminded me of this specific halter neck jumper my Mum used to wear) has temporarily been suspended. I am here. My presence through my blog, instagram and facebook has been pretty sombre and non existent since I returned to Beijing, and I'm… Continue reading 26.9.18

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22.8.18 (England pt.2 The Wedding)

You confidently walk through the darkness with your shoulders back and head up, sure of the final destination and content with the route you’re taking. You believe everything is as good as it can be, until you become aware of something a couple of metres behind you. It probably won’t do you any harm but… Continue reading 22.8.18 (England pt.2 The Wedding)

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10.8.2018 (England pt.1)

What are the best kinds of family relationships, you ask? Well, it's the ones where your Dad says "Oh, Years & Years played live and were on the telly the other day so I recorded it for you", whilst you are wolfing down a Tikka Masala fish in the back of the car doing 80… Continue reading 10.8.2018 (England pt.1)

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(I began writing this post on the 14th) There are no words strong or heartfelt enough to describe this bitter feeling of loss blended perfectly with sheer pride. I am so very heartbroken that we did not make it to the World Cup final, that stomach churning feeling that occurred when Croatia scored to make… Continue reading 14.7.2018

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I feel all over the place. There are so many little unicycles of problems, thoughts, happenings that are making stupid circles round the edge of my mind and I don't know how to stop them. Unicycles are fucking annoying. Unicycle #1: It's only 28 days until I start to make my 20 hour journey back… Continue reading 10.7.2018

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Shit, how has it been a month since my last post? I'm starting to understand why some adult elder people wish they did a lot more with their lives rather than work day in day out. Time really does flash before your eyes like a bolt of lightning. I feel like I have lots to… Continue reading 21.6.18

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3.3.18 (a day later)

After having a shit clubbing experience the first time I was a little apprehensive as we walked up the steps to Sirteen unsure what to expect from this new club. I was conversing through WeChat with a rep from the club to get him to put us on his list. Apparently being a foreigner entitled… Continue reading 3.3.18 (a day later)

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Today I learnt that my expectations of Chinese New Year were so high and in reality it's been pretty shit. However, today I met a bunch of people from 15 different countries. I've felt so lonely over these past couple of weeks (the word lonely is probably getting boring now considering I keep saying it… Continue reading 16.2.2018

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It's the last full day of the school term before the little kindergarten beans finish for Chinese New Year and it's been a great one. They're currently recharging their batteries after an energetic morning at the discovery play centre across the road. We tended to poorly animals in the vet hospital; shopped for our groceries… Continue reading 9.2.2018



It's the beginning of my third week at the school, Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you can feel it. Teachers and assistants are tapping their toes whilst glaring at the clock itching for the day to be through so that they can begin their festivities. Beijing is a working city, therefore… Continue reading 5.2.18