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It's the last full day of the school term before the little kindergarten beans finish for Chinese New Year and it's been a great one. They're currently recharging their batteries after an energetic morning at the discovery play centre across the road. We tended to poorly animals in the vet hospital; shopped for our groceries… Continue reading 9.2.2018



It's the beginning of my third week at the school, Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you can feel it. Teachers and assistants are tapping their toes whilst glaring at the clock itching for the day to be through so that they can begin their festivities. Beijing is a working city, therefore… Continue reading 5.2.18

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Mood: reflective, settled, happy. It's 8:38am and I'm commuting to my workplace ready for my 4th day of observing and training. This isn't the 'second' original job I had it's a completely new 'out of the blue' one. These past 9 days have been fucking frustrating and disheartening. So, the last time I wrote to… Continue reading 26.1.18