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22.8.18 (England pt.2 The Wedding)

You confidently walk through the darkness with your shoulders back and head up, sure of the final destination and content with the route you’re taking. You believe everything is as good as it can be, until you become aware of something a couple of metres behind you. It probably won’t do you any harm but… Continue reading 22.8.18 (England pt.2 The Wedding)


22.12.17 – one week (and a day) to go.

Mood: All kinds of nerves, excitement, apprehension and worry. (*edit 22/12/17 00:16am: Truth be told I began writing this diary entry 3 days before it's published date and things have gotten a whole lot of sad. I joked around with my  Nan saying "I hope you or the dog doesn't end up popping your clogs… Continue reading 22.12.17 – one week (and a day) to go.