9.10.19 再见中国

My time in China is swiftly coming to an end (32 days to be exact) and whilst I’m gutted to be leaving behind wonderful friends, kids and teacher, I am so fucking ready to get out.  The fact was - and still is - that my first boss fucked me over by sabotaging my application… Continue reading 9.10.19 再见中国



The last time you heard from me (was a while ago now) I told you about Beijing Wave's inaugural event "This Is Not Consent", an event using the topical issue of consent and sexual assault as a means of education. On Monday the 24th we'll be hosting our second event - a screening of the… Continue reading 30.6.19


Vienna 11.2.19

So, now that I'm back in Beijing I thought it best to wipe away the two-week-old dust that has been gathering on my laptop and get to work on relaying my time in Vienna to you. It was so fucking sick. It was one of those weeks where you want to go back and hit… Continue reading Vienna 11.2.19



Monday will be 1 year since my arrival in China. On that day I touched down in my apartment (45 minutes from the city centre) at around 4:30pm with the help of a guy named Hugh. There were 3 other Chinese residents in that place who spoke no English. He took me out to get… Continue reading 29.12.18



There is a metaphorical bump in the carpet, an elephant in the room, a tiny chip on the windscreen that is slightly visible in almost all of my posts. People have brought it up to me in person, so it's noticeable.Almost 7 years ago I got into my first serious relationship where my Mum and… Continue reading 29.11.2018

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It's okay, the white noise and fuzzy black and grey screen (that always reminded me of this specific halter neck jumper my Mum used to wear) has temporarily been suspended. I am here. My presence through my blog, instagram and facebook has been pretty sombre and non existent since I returned to Beijing, and I'm… Continue reading 26.9.18