I’m sat in the lobby of the same hostel I stayed in on my last visit to Bangkok a few weeks before. Back then I didn’t have the foundations fully constructed before a huge earthquake struck and shattered my head to pieces. I had an idea that damage was coming and that’s why I was… Continue reading 4.1.2020



As the mini bus headed south on the twisty turny road from Pai to Chiang Mai a subtle smile creeped into the corners of my mouth. I was listening to Ride by Mako Road which reminds me of Max, so maybe that’s why. It had been 2 weeks since we’d in Myanmar and within a… Continue reading 27.12.2019



Thailand is a place I’ve wanted to visit ever since Year 5 when a group of people visited our school to talk about the Boxing Day Tsunami that killed hundreds and thousands of people. I remember sitting in the gymnasium, two rows from the front, listening closely to the god awful natural disaster that had… Continue reading 19.12.2019