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Mood: Feeling frumpy, fat and impatient. So Sunday was a good day. I took the time to get up early and venture to the 798 Art District in the East of Beijing. I wandered around mindfully stopping to gaze at each inch of the statue features that are scattered around the district. I felt like a… Continue reading 11.1.2018

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Mood: mind-blown but still slightly apprehensive I enjoy commuting but that doesn't mean I'm bloody good at it. Twice I got on the wrong fucking line, doing a fuck off long detour one time and then going the completely wrong way the next. I guess it didn't matter much because Amanda and Jack were short… Continue reading 5.1.2018

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Mood: Sleepy, drained but every so happy. I was told that Chinese people aren't very affectionate and can be rather formal. So, when meeting Renee (a woman from the agency) I expected nothing more than a "Hello" and possibly a handshake. However, as I stepped out of the rundown lift in my rundown looking building… Continue reading 3.1.2018

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30.12.17 – 31.12.17

Mood: Tired, full but ever so intrigued. 30.12.17 3pm UK time:  I keep forgetting that it's New Years Eve tomorrow. Everyone at the airport is wishing customers a Happy New Year and I have to keep snapping back into UK reality.  I should've really thought about packing a party popper or a little hat to… Continue reading 30.12.17 – 31.12.17