What is Jodie doing?

Currently in: Thailand. 

For the past 3 years I’ve been studying Theatre & Performance @ Plymouth University, during this time I’ve been more indecisive about my future than the UK with Brexit. Originally, I wanted to become a secondary school Drama teacher, and this wacky thespian who would wear baggy trousers and no shoes as she rolled around the classroom floor doing contact improv. However, I met a guy towards the end of my second year who had the “life is too short” mindset and was very get up and go about his future, and this inspired me!                                                                                                           

 I began thinking about travelling after I graduated, with destinations like New Zealand and Thailand in mind.

In the April of my final year of University I got an email from my lecturer Adam Benjamin about a company from Beijing, they were to give a lecture about teaching English in China. So, I thought I’d pop along and what an amazing decision that was. I fell in love with the idea of going somewhere I’d never thought of, teaching children and getting paid for it with all the benefits of travelling too!

Between the years of 2018 and November of 2019 I had a variety of different teaching jobs in Beijing. It was an incredibly up and down experience – bad days and good days alike. Once I found my groove with a great job and amazing kids during my second year I really felt okay with being in China. Unfortunately I had a lot of problems with obtaining a work visa and decided not to waste more money in trying and plan to move on. The end date of my business visa was in sight.

I’m now travelling around South East Asia for 6 months and having a well deserved break. I’m using this time to see some amazing countries and work really hard on who I am as a person so that I can better my mental health.

It means so much that people take time to read my diary and I’m so thankful. 

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