As I stood in front of him, 

his soft eyes looking deep within,

I could feel the freshly sewn stit ches in my heart began to wear thin.

For a moment, my legs were still

each intake of breath felt shrill

as it shattered the path it took to find my lungs, destined to kill.

I knew I needed leave,

but for some reason I wanted to believe

that if I stood with him a little longer I’d forget that the world deceives.

Seconds pressed on, 

I tried to release myself from his gaze

But I knew that if I just so blinked that he would be gone.

Why must the world do this?

It takes you by the hand and leads you into ultimate bliss,

but it doesn’t dance with you

it’s stood still and waiting until you finally feel anew.

Then you feel it’s selfish fingertips creeping,

Just as this happiness is peaking,

And it yanks you back with a menacing smile

Because it can sense that you’ve not felt like this in a while.

Why must the world do this?

It sweeps you back up into torturing abyss,

dangling you by the feet and forcing you to witness

from afar, forcing you to ache, forcing you to miss.


He doesn’t know.

And that’s okay…

It has to be okay.

October 2018

Taken by me

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