So yeah, no this week hasn’t felt any better (or worse for that matter), it’s just mellowed out on weird. I can’t even tell you what I did on Frid- wait I remember, my memory is terrible. Last week I had this idea of taking a photo beside a really nice Chinese authentic landscape with a piece of paper saying ‘Happy Birthday Mum’, because y’know I’m a great daughter. I set off to find this place called Temple of Sun situated near the Business District, I’d been in the area before so I thought it would be easy. HOW WRONG WAS I?! Apple maps you are a piece of shite. I exit the station and begin heading straight on because that’s what I thought the maps was telling me. Apparently, what the maps were actually telling me was to go the other way, turn left, turn right, do 3 double back flips, 5 pirouettes and recite Bohemian Rhapsody in Mandarin. It’s safe to say I never made it to Temple of Sun park, which is why I pathetically stood in front of a building with hands almost dead to frostbite. I’ve also now downloaded Google Maps which shows you which way you’re facing.

Friday I made it my aim to get to the Temple of Sun just so I didn’t feel defeated, and then head to Central Perk for a coffee. Map apps really drain your phone battery and I was hoping it wouldn’t die before I got to Central Perk therefore, I sat down in Temple of Sun to eat my lunch and left again. It felt very underwhelming but hey, drinking coffee and watching Friends in a replica of Central Perk takes priority. Central Perk was smaller than I expected but it didn’t take away from how cool it was – they even had a ginger cat like ‘Bob Buttons’ who struts around the cafe and meows loudly. I’m sure it’s so easy to sit and binge friends with cake and coffee brought to your seat, and I for one volunteer as tribute

.DSCN0180 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, table and indoor


I moved into an Airbnb yesterday because I wanted to be closer to the city, Beiyuan was so far out of the way and with an 11pm subway closure it felt like I had a strict curfew. This new place is in the midst of so much – 2 different subway lines either side, a couple of malls down the road and Central Perk about a 20 minute walk (FUCK YEAH!) Sheri is Chinese but speaks wonderful English and her Husband is American, they own a restaurant down the road too and I’m allowed discount when I visit. They have 2 boys, the eldest speak amazing English with an American twang and I’m not sure the youngest boy does. There is a woman, Aryi, here too who I assume is the Nanny because I haven’t seen Sheri since yesterday. The apartment is grand, spacious and incredibly homey. Everything inside is wooden and either a beigey brown colour or a gorgeous dark brown – the doors to my bedroom are dark brown panels that slide to and fro.

If you followed my blogs, videos and updates during my dissertation research you would know that I am constantly concerned about my weight and I have been since my second year of Uni. I dropped 1st and a half within 6 months and was super happy, and over 2017 I put half a stone back on. I’m one of these eaters who fights with the voice in her head to stop eating but continuous to whalf down yet another packet of crisps, I also hate food going to waste. How on earth I was eating 1,000 calories a day during 2016 is beyond me! Yeah, I became obsessed with calorie counting too. I guess it’s pretty bad, and I probably had some kind of disorder… in fact I definitely have/had body dysmorphia. ANYWAY… this week I’m just festering with guilt and self loathing and how I’ve eaten and that’s probably because during my first week here I lost weight due to SO much walking, not a huge appetite and jet lag. This weekend has been one of those ‘I feel fat and gross’ weekends where I say “oh, you’ve already had a spoonful of peanut butter in your noodles you might as well eat 2 packets of crisps too!”

The agency have found me 5 interviews – none of which have yet offered any starting dates. There was one place who within just a day of being interviewed told the agency they’d like me of the team but have not followed up with a start date. I went to one on Thursday too and they seemed to really like me, although somewhat concerned about my tattoos and what parents might think. This school would provide me with a working visa, however they weren’t entirely sure about the process and so the headteacher and my agent spoke for a good 15 minutes in Chinese about this. I now have ANOTHER interview tomorrow. All these interviews and not one offer is making me feel unnerved perhaps it’s the process of the visa, but I just want to start work now. Each day I don’t have a job is one more day of spending money. Jack got an offer which is great – in the nursery I really liked too! Rent’s on him until I get a job???



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