I’ve caved to meat. Like fully caved. I’ve just eaten a burger washed down with 2 ciders. I’m not sure how I feel, emotionally and physically.

I’ve been a veggie for 2 years now so this is strange. Only time will tell about how I feel physically but emotionally I’m unsure. I nommed into that burger like I’d been starving for a year but now some kind of strong emotion is washing over me.

It could be the fact that whilst walfing down this grilled carcus I was looking directly at the most gorgeous drummer ever. He was playing in a 5 piece cover band. As soon as I walked in my knees went weak and I got all flustered, what the fuck is wrong with me. One faf guy, who plays the drums, sings like a fucking angel and is also from New Zealand and I’m a mess. Get a grip Jodie.

Nope it’s certain I’m in love.

The band hadn’t finished their set before I had to leave due to the 11pm subway closure. I considered checking into the hotel above the bar they were playing in but that’s crazy. So yeah, I’m currently on a subway making my way back to my apartment at 22:25pm because even though Beijing never sleeps the subway does.

I’m starting to think my mind is unsure about the burger I ate because I had two pints, and I’m a fucking lightweight. Yeah. We’ll blame this crazy love-dumbfounded thinking on the alcohol, like always.



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