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Mood: mind-blown but still slightly apprehensive

I enjoy commuting but that doesn’t mean I’m bloody good at it. Twice I got on the wrong fucking line, doing a fuck off long detour one time and then going the completely wrong way the next. I guess it didn’t matter much because Amanda and Jack were short for time and running late. Subways stop at 11pm and start from 5am, which is a curse and a blessing I suppose.

Damn, even in a completely different country, where whatever I say or do will look stupid, I still can’t pluck up the courage to say “Hello” to attractive guys. This faf (fit as fuck) guy got onto the subway with his mates but only he chose to sit in front of me, and began giving me sneaky glances.


Maybe I should learn Mandarin for “What’s your WeChat?” but all I know right now is “Wo shi danshen”… I am single, and I can’t exactly bark that in the face of every hot guy I see.

The Forbidden City is fucking huuuuuge. I was expecting maybe 2 courtyards and a handful of temples but NO! There were courtyards upon temples upon courtyards upon more temples. It stretches for miles. Hunger began to scream in our stomachs about halfway so me Amanda and Jack have made a pact to come back. We are to come back prepped with snacks, water, warmer clothes and head straight for the back so we can work our way towards the exit.DSCN0146

A lot of temples look the same – big, red with a throne in the middle. Perhaps the Empress/Emperor used a different throne for each day of the week sort of like the British and socks. Speaking of socks… always wear thick socks Jodie. Several frozen toes and 2 bleeding heels later I learnt my lesson. So these temples were used for so many different activities – there was even a ‘Hall of Abstinence’. The Emperor would give up pleasurable endeavours such as eating meat, drinking wine and sex/women for 2 days. YEP 2 DAYS!! As if two whole fuking days is so torturous. Come on Mr Emperor try 5 months of no sex despite reeking of desperation everytime you breathe on a man in the smoking area of Switch.

Some temples are worn down in their reds and used-to-be-gold exterior, perhaps due to the weather. Where the rims of the gone off yellow tiled roof, that curves into a point, meets there are tiny little statues of chinese men riding the backs of tiny little dragons.DSCN0153

The underpasses are incredibly high, but no too high that you cannot see the symmetric tiled patterns of white cranes upon a teal background. There are cranes everywhere in this city within a city. They are symbols of longevity, bringing good luck and happy vibes to the ruling Empress/Emperor of that time.


The entire places dates back to 1406 and took 14 years to build – what a long fucking time. Imagine demanding this Imperial Palace to be built for you with around a million labourers bleeding, sweating and crying and popping ya clogs. I mean he didn’t, but y’know just imagine.




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