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Mood: Sleepy, drained but every so happy.

I was told that Chinese people aren’t very affectionate and can be rather formal. So, when meeting Renee (a woman from the agency) I expected nothing more than a “Hello” and possibly a handshake. However, as I stepped out of the rundown lift in my rundown looking building Renee beamed at me sweetly, and wrapped her arms around me. It felt warm and comforting to communicate with someone who understands my language. That sounds super over dramatic Jodie. 

So, we began making our way to the office, travelling on foot, by Beijing Subway and again on foot. The Subway here is different, not in the way it runs – that, is incredibly similar to the Underground. It’s the people, the atmosphere.

My first unaccompanied experience of the Underground was horrendous – it was the 1st of November, I had somehow risen at 7am to begin my commute to Oxford Circus… still absolutely steaming from the night before. I’m still in shock no one around me felt nauseous from the tequila radiation surrounding my body. Between 7am-9am is rush hour and so, there I am stinking of alcohol, can barely see 2 metres in front of me and crowded by driven busy bodies eager to get to work on time. 3 trains went past before my brain shouted at my legs to “GET ON THE FUCKING TRAIN”.

Beijing feels different though, yeah it’s fucking busy but no one seems in a rush. People here don’t keep to one side of the escalator to avoid being taken out by those pricks in suits with iPhone X’s and coffee breath. Also, it doesn’t matter HOW busy it is people just REFUSE to use the stairs as if, like me, cannot channel their thighs to hoist them into elevation.

It’s wrong, wrong for one of the most populated cities in the world to feel so relaxed and easy going. Maybe it’s the x-ray bag conveabelt and body scanner that provides that extra bit of comfort that London does not.

Renee told me that there would be 2 other teachers joining us at the office to begin working at the same time as me. If I were a cartoon it would have looked as if mini sunshines and hearts were dancing around me. It was just so relieving to know that i’ll have friends (without sounding lame)… and THEY’RE SO NICE. They’re called Amanda and Jack, they’re a couple. Amanda is from California and so her accent is adorable, and Jack is from Manchester and well his accent is… Mancunian. I joke, I actually like all accents, even Brummie, as long as I can understand them.

They invited me to an Irish Bar, Paddy O’Sheas which was great until the comedy night began. It was terribly, I felt the happiness being sucked right out of me just like the dementor on the train when it first finds Harry (HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban). So we left and it was as we stepped outside that I realised the woman who played Amy Pond in Doctor Who was just a few steps away.

I have so much more to write but I’m dozing… It’s only 8pm.


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