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30.12.17 – 31.12.17

Mood: Tired, full but ever so intrigued.

30.12.17 3pm UK time: 

I keep forgetting that it’s New Years Eve tomorrow. Everyone at the airport is wishing customers a Happy New Year and I have to keep snapping back into UK reality.  I should’ve really thought about packing a party popper or a little hat to solo celebrate when the time arrives in China.

“Wrap up warm” “Make sure you’re comfortable” “It’ll be cold on the plane” they all tell you, but no one tells you that until you board you’ll feel like you’re close to the fiery ball of gas named THE FUCKING SUN. It’s been about 45 minutes since I boarded the plane and my cheeks still resemble Satan’s backside.

Despite smelling like a mouldy teenager and looking like a gone off tomato I am sky high with two white wines, a window seat and Wonder Woman on those swanky screens (so close i’ll have square eyes by the end of the flight).

31.12.17 2am Dubai time (10pm UK time):

So I made it to Dubai, which means I’m halfway there… and no, it not any colder here than it was in that sodding airport back home. It’s a different kind of heat though, y’know the kind that brings forth desires of diving into an ice cold pool, sporting a cute bikini and wearing a sun-kissed tan. But instead I’m in double layers (& a denim jacket), as pale as Edward Cullen (that awkward vampire guy) and sat in…. COSTA!! Old habits die hard, aye!

And unfortunately, incase you were wondering I did not find the love of my life on the first plane…

31.12.17 6:19pm Beijing time (10:19am UK time): 

The second flight felt a bit longer than the first, probably because I was trying to get some kip but couldn’t get comfortable enough. As you can imagine I’m bloody shattered and to make matters worse secruity was a ball ache… I began queuing in a random line certain it was where I was supposed to be but it was. After that hoo harr I had to go to baggage claims. Now it’s all well and good grabbing your luggage off of the belt after your piss up in Magaluf because your mates are there to watch your stuff. I, however, was walking through the terminal and I caught a glimpse of purple flowers upon blue material and thought “SHIT”. I plonked my hand luggage down by a woman and sprinted towards the belt to retrieve my 10 tonne suitcase, and it was at this point that I wish I was Elastagirl or had several arms. I’ll get better at this solo air travel stuff as time goes on (at least I hope).

So there I am breathless and wandering around hopelessly looking for a sign that says ‘Jodie Warren’ but there was nothing to be seen. Eventually, a guy approached me and introduced himself as Hugh, who I’d recently spoken to through the Chinese chate service WeChat. He kindly paid for my taxi, ordered my bedding and took me just around the corner to get some food and bits for tomorrow. My first meal in Beijing was tomato and egg noodles with vegetables and it was absolutely divine, if all else fails when eating out at least I know I like one thing. The portion sizes are insane though – I felt peckish but not overly hungry so ordered a small size, and it was a deep ass plastic bowl full to the brim… of course I demolished it despite not being hungry. I will really have to be cautious with my food because I’ll just end up being huge.

I’ve also learnt that my Mandarin is terrible.

As I conclude this post it is 19:05pm – 4 hours and 55 minutes until New Year everywhere EXCEPT HERE. I lagged with 23 hours worth of travelling and my body would murder me if I even tried to stay up any longer.

If you’re reading this then Happy New Year and have a cracking night,


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