• 15.7.2020 – Isolated in Isolation

    15 Jul 2020 by

    I haven’t yet written about the time I spent working in Mad Monkey Siem Reap because I haven’t quite been in the right headspace for that but I will, eventually. I often scroll back through the photos I took during the 6 weeks I was there and become blissfully unaware of my surroundings. I look… Read more

  • Ed

    5 Jun 2020 by

    This morning family and friends will be paying tribute to one of the dearest of gentleman, Ed. I first met Ed when I was just 14 and working in The Manor House cafe as a Saturday girl and then during the holidays. He came in every other day and munched on his favourite meals, liver… Read more

  • 8.5.2020 Cambodia pt.1 of many

    8 May 2020 by

    A lot has changed since the last time I ran my fingers along the keys of my laptop and formed paragraphs consisting of the adventures I was having in South East Asia. I was caught up in feeling like I’d become introverted because of the exhaustion that comes hand in hand with unpacking, repacking, moving… Read more

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